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IT Solutions

IT Solutions

Within in realm of ICT it is vitally imperative that we find means and ways to support localized SME’s. The Outright Solutions Systems have been created to bring together multiple vendors that specialize in certain domain of ICT, supported by research and development and highly skilled consultant.  This way we can fairly compete against the large organization dominating our industry.

Home ICT Solutions

We can connect everything in your home, quickly, reliably and securely. We will conduct a survey of your home and design a network to suit your needs.

We provide the following Services and Solution:

  • Installing or extending Wifi networks
  • Installing and setting up Smart TV’s
  • Setting up video and audio streaming services
  • Identifying and resolving hardware and software problems
  • Detecting and removing computer viruses
  • Managing and removing adware, spyware and pop-ups.
  • Rectifying email and internet problems
  • Preventing spam
  • All hardware sales including desktops, laptops, tablets and accessories
  • Home IP camera sales and setups

Business ICT Solutions

  • Network Installations – Your business whether big or small requires a robust  network , Poor networks can affect the performance of your business. With a network being required to  handle multiple services CCTV , File sharing, Printing . Critical business applications such as  accounting packages like pastel which require a good solid network to operate .
  • Wi-Fi – Wi-Fi is a crucial part of any business . The increase in mobility has transformed IT infrastructure , Employees now carry multiple devices , portability is crucial for any business Fast and reliable internet connection is the platform on which any business carries out their day to day operations. We understand how vital it is that you get the right solution and installation for your space and operational requirements.
  • VOIPVoice Over Internet Protocol is also known as Voice over IP, VoIP and IP telephony. It is a methodology that includes a group of similar technologies – all used to deliver voice and media – such as fax, SMS, and voice and video calls, over Internet Protocol (IP) networks.
  • Boardroom – We can help design and install the right system for your needs, be it a room that will be used for video conferencing or just for meetings and presentations. We can help design a system that is well concealed and out of your way, causing no clutter or unsightly tangled mess in your boardroom. We can also add automated control systems with user friendly interfaces which can be used to dim the lights, lower a screen, turn on sound and projection systems and much more.
  • UPS – Using a UPS as a secondary electricity supply source has been touted as an effective way to power your essential equipment in scenarios of widespread power outages and electrical surges which may cause a business to incur substantial equipment and data loss. The benefits provided by a UPS in supplying clean, uninterrupted power while protecting your sensitive equipment from possible damage has led to it being used in various industry operations to make sure their operational activities are not disrupted.
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